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Zadar »

Zadar the main city of northern Dalmatia, occupies a long peninsula, which separates the harbor on the east from the Zadarski Channel on the west. The old town, on the north-western part of the peninsula ...
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Hvar »

Hvar belongs to the central island group of the Adriatic and lies in an east-west direction at right angles to the coast. These islands together are called "The Hvar Group". The eastern promontory of Hvar ...
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Istria »

The largest peninsula in the Adriatic (3160 sq km), Istria is blessed with a 430km indented shoreline and an interior of green rolling hills, drowned valleys and fertile plains. The northern part of the peninsula ...
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War in Croatia »

Heavy fighting broke out in Krajina, Baranja and Slavonia in June 1991. The 180,000 member, 2000 tank Yugoslav People s Army, dominated by Serbian Communists, began to intervene on its own authority in support of ...
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Geography »

Croatia is located in South-Central Europe. It is shape resembles that of a crescent or a horseshoe, which flanks it is neighbours Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Croatia is half the size of present ...
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