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The spectacular beauty of Croatia's 1778km coastline and 1185 islands is undoubtedly the country's greatest natural asset. The 140 islands of the Kornati archipelago are a sailor's paradise, the Brijuni Islands were Tito's paradise and ...
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Makarska »

The town of Makarska is one of the most attractive resorts on the Croatian coast, the nucleus of tourism in Dalmatia. It is the centre of culture, sports, entertainment an business of the Makarska Riviera. ...
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Marina »

This is mild Mediterranean climate, lush subtropical and mediterranean vegetation, an archipelago of picturesque islands and islets whose coves hide tranquil fishing and peasant villages, concealed rocky and pebbly beaches, beautiful and varied folklore, picturesque ...
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NC Ulika Camp »

Big Naturist Center Ulika is situated on a peninsula, 8 km north of Porec City. Surrounded by luxurious Mediterranean vegetation, crystalline blue sea and centenary oak trees, the NC Ulika is a prime destination for ...
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Lanterna Camp »

The largest camps in Croatia, on the beautiful green Lanterna peninsula. The deep fragrant shade of a pine tree and oak forest offers perfect protection from the hot summer rays, while superior service in one ...
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