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The spectacular beauty of Croatia's 1778km coastline and 1185 islands is undoubtedly the country's greatest natural asset. The 140 islands of the Kornati archipelago are a sailor's paradise, the Brijuni Islands were Tito's paradise and ...
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Cres is the longer island, stretching 68km from tip to tip. About half the island is covered with fields and rocks, with large pine and oak forests in the north. The western coast is more ...
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Vis - the outmost major island of the Dalmatian archipelago, emerging from the crystal clear blue sea, 50 km away from the Croatian and 150 km from the Italian coast, surrounded by small islands and ...
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The most popular Croatian political magazine Globus pronounced Pula as the best town to live in in Croatia. Our colleagues made this choice on the basis of criteria like quality of climate, real estate prices, ...
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Relaxed Rovinj is perhaps the best place to visit in all of Istria. Wooded hills punctuated by low-rise luxury hotels surround the town, while the 13 green offshore islands of the Rovinj archipelago make for ...
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