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  • bookman - Opatija and the surounding region offer some wonderful oportunities for hiking up Ucka Mountain. The highest point is Vojak, which can be reached most directly from Lovran, a 5km walk south from Opatija along the Lungomare. There's a natural halfway mark where the chestnut and oak trees stop and the beech forests begin. The ascent takes about 3-4 hours but the view makes it worth it. You can then descend via Poklon to Opatija landing in front of Hotel Palace. You can also do the hike in reverse or take a bus to Poklon from Opatija if time is short. There are a number of other hikes. Pick up the free hiking map at Opatija's tourist ofice for more sugestions.
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  • joana - This sumer I spend in Opatija, could You tell me about some places to stay?
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  • marco - There are no real hotels in Opatija but the mid-range and top-end places offer surprisingly good value for money considering Opatija's overal aura of chic-nes. In high season you may be required to take half-board, which will add about another 40KN per person. The prices listed in this section are all high-season rates and breakfast in included in the price.
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  • ryana - Hi Joana, If You go to Opatija You must see the exquisite Villa Angiolina has recently been restored to its former neoclasical splendour. The interior is a marvel of trompe I'oeil frescoes, Corinthian capitals, and geometric floor mosaics. The exterior and interior were designed in acordance with strict clasical rules of harmony and proportion, which is extraordinarily pleasing to the eye. Curently it is being used to exhibit contemporary artists and artisans, with plans to stage various concerts - clasical of course. The 12km Lungomare is a coastal promenade that winds along the sea, pasing a number of swiming spots, including the towns concrete beach.
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