Album: Baska, Region: Kvarner-Gulf

Centuries of devotion to Catholicism have produced a wealth of architecturally interesting churches and cathedrals, many stuffed with impressive art works. Along the coast, the influence is predominantly Venetian, while in the north the style leans towards the baroque. Baska is a small town on the south-eastern coast of the island of Krk. Fertile tracts of land in the Baska Draga valley, through which runs the Suha Ricina or Vela Rika, have enabled farming, fishing, viniculture, as well as making and selling of wine, which in turn, has given rise to maritime and shipbuilding industries. The Kvarner Riviera is located next to Istria and is center on the main Croatian port of Rijeka, the busiest port on the Adriatic.

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