Cres town so resembles an Italian fishing village you might wonder if you had strayed across a border somewhere. Pastel terrace houses crowd around the harbour-within-a-harbour glinting in the afternoon sun. Even at the height of the tourist season, when the harbour is crowded with boats, it's a lazy sun-drenched town. The Italian influence dates from the 15th-century Venetians who relocated their headquarters to Cres town after Osor fell victim to plague and pestilence. Public buildings and patricians palaces were built along the harbour and in the 16th century the Venetian administration built a town wall. As you stroll the streets you'll notice reminders of Venetian rule, including coats of arms of powerful Venetian families. You may hear as much Italian spoken as Croatian since the port is a popular destination for Italian boaters. The old town stretches from the harbour promenade, Riva Creskih Kapetana, inland to Aprila XX Setaliste. You'll find most monuments and churches within this area. If you continue around the harbour to Lungomare Sveti Mikula, you'll come to the rocky beaches around the Hotel Kimen and Autocamp Kovacine after about 1km.

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