FKK Baldarin Camp

Naturist Baldarin camp is located on the southern part of island of Cres, between Bokinic and Baldarin coves - 15 km from the historic town of Osor and the main island road. This is an oasis of tranquillity with beautiful beaches, hidden coves and crystal clear seas.

A 2 km long, naturally rocky beach stretches between two pebbly coves where you can dive into the crystal clear sea and with any luck meet one of the 150 dolphins that live in these waters.

- 1/3 of the camp area is the classic part (clothed). It is located right after the camp entrance (Bokinic cove) and it stretches further 500 m inside the camp (to the supermarket).
- 2/3 of the camp area is NATURIST part, marked and fenced it continues from the first part and it stretches for another 1 km, right to the end of the island.

HR-51554 Nerezine, Punta Kriża
tel.:+385 (0)51 235 646
fax: +385 (0)51 235 646

Biuro: BALDARIN d.o.o. 51554 Nerezine.
Punta Kriża b.b.
tel.: +385 (0)51 235 680
fax: +385 (0)51 235 646

Coordinates: N 44° 12’ 19", E 15° 09’ 54"

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