Zablace Camp

The Zablace Camp is located next to a 1,800-meter-long beach called Vela plaža that offers a unique view of the surrounding islands and the land coastline. Captured in a magical atmosphere between two hills, it irresistibly attracts all those who yearn to enjoy the feel of untouched nature.

The first section of the Camp is located on the beach. If you book your stay in advance, you will get a campsite in this very section of the Camp, only a few steps from the heavenly blue sea.

Camping per person/tent/car 25/13/ 13KN. Open May-Sepl. It's on the beach south-west of the bus stop (look for the rows of caravans). In heavy rain you risk getting flooded here.

HR-51523 Baśka, E. Geistlicha 38
tel.:+385 (0)51 856 909
fax: +385 (0)51 856 604

Biuro: HOTELI BAŚKA d.d.
51523 Baśka, E. Geistlicha 38
tel.:+385 (0)51 656 111
fax: +385 (0)51 856 88

Coordinates: N 44° 57’ 13", E 14° 41’ 24"

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