Brac, the largest island of the central Dalmatian group of islands, the third largest among the Adriatic islands. Friendly people, good hotels, an interesting interior and excellent beaches make Brae the most attractive of the Dalmatian islands

The island of Brac encompasses all the best of the Croatian islands. If you asked us, and if you had never been to any of the Croatian islands and could only visit one, at this time we would recommend the Island of Brac.

The thing we love about Brae is the fact that it is relatively close and easily accessible. It takes less than an hour to reach Brae from the City of Split by ferry. Aside from this Brae is one of the rare Croatian islands which has its own airport. However, the accessibility of the island is of lesser importance. That which makes it special is that it encompasses the best from the Croatian islands exceptionally friendly and helpful people, preserved Mediterranean vegetation and architecture, fantastic beaches, a rich history, quality and diverse hotels and restaurants. Regardless of whether you're a family with children, a young teenage couple or older retired couple, this is the island on which you will find quality and interesting things to do to fill up even two weeks of holiday. During our stay on Brae we were left with the impression that it is an ideal island for a family summer vacation. The small towns and their ports are peaceful locations perfect for strolls and family dinners. The majority of beaches have a gentle pebbly shape with their curviness bordering their localities and providing easy access. However, if you want to get better acquainted with the island it is truly important to have a car on the island. Even if you arrive by plane, make sure you rent a car on the island.

The highest peak of the island, Vidova Gora (Vitus' Mount) (778 m), is also the highest peak of all Croatian islands.

Coordinates: N 43° 19’ 13", E 16° 38’ 59"

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