Kate Camp

Camping Kate, is located amongst cypress and pine trees is a green oasis only 200 m from the blue Adriatic sea, in the center of the village Mlini. Its rich natural surroundings decelerate the quick pace city lifestyle and make room for rest and renewal. The small village of Mlini stands erect at the foot of Malasnica mountain approaching the sea, only 6km from the old town Dubrovnik. It is a quite common meeting place of the old houses equipped with mills (hence the name, mlini: mill = mlin), some still in operation for the production of olive oil and wheat flour. The camping ground houses solar panel technology for hot water purposes and currently we are working on a recycling project. Making a connection between technology and pristine surroundings we nurture nature for we believe in its abundant knowledge.
Available land area: 2000 m2 capacity:40 tent, 120 person
category: (3 star)

HR-20207 Mlini, Tupina 1
tel.: +385 (0)20 487 006
Biuro: Bivo Tomśić
20207 Mlini. Pod Kriżem 1. Krstac
tel.: +385 (0)20 486 553

Coordinates: N 42° 37’ 26", E 18° 12’ 12"

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