Croatia by car

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Motorists require vehicle registration papers and the green insurance card to enter Croatia the Green Card is internationally recognised proof of vehicle insurance, most UK vehicle insurance policies automatically provide this for EU countries but you should check to make sure that Croatia is listed on the card. Two-way amateur radios built into cars are no problem but must be reported at the border.

Petrol is either leaded super, unleaded (bezolovni), or diesel which is the cheapest. You have to pay tolls on the motorways around Zagreb; to use the Ucka tunnel between Rijeka and Istria, for the motorway to Slovonski Brod, from Varazdin to the Hungarian border and for the bridge to Krk Island.

Along the coast, the spectacular Adriatic highway from Italy to Albania hugs the steep slopes of the coastal range, with abrupt drops to the sea and a curve a minute. You can drive as far south as Vitaljina, 56km south-east of Dubrovnik, and then cross the border into Montenegro.

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