Phone calls

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Phone calls within Croatia are 2-5% cheaper if made between 4-10pm and 75% cheaper if made between 10-7am or on Sundays.

There are few coin-operated phones, so you'll need a phonecard to use public telephones. Most of the public telephones use phonecards which are sold according to units. You can buy cards of 50, 100, 200 and 500 units at any post office and newspaper kiosks. It's up to 50% more expensive to make a call with a card than from the post office. Many new phone boxes are equipped with a button on the upper left with a flag symbol. Press the button and you get instructions in English.

To call Croatia from abroad, dial your international access code, then o 385 (the country code for Croatia), the area code and the local number.

To call within Croatia, start with the area code. Phone numbers with the prefix 060 are free and phone numbers that begin with 09 are cellular phone numbers, which are billed at a much higher rate than regular numbers. Figure on about 5KN per minute.

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