Croatian wine

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The well known Kutjevo wine is of superior quality, which is confirmed by the de Gotho label. The unique and special quality of the Kutjevo wine has been recognised and enjoyed by countless generations in Croatia and beyond, and in the last 100 years Kutjevo Grasevina has been the most popular white wine in Croatia.

Kutjevo Grasevina is a smooth white wine, harmonius and full bodied, with gentle fruity, floral and herbal notes, ideal for summer days.

Aside from Grasevina there are also the well known white and red wine varieties, and this year the lovely and fresh Kutjevo rose is again been produced, ideal for the sea and hot summer.

Kutjevo wines belong to the category of superior wines of world renowned quality.

The Kutjevo cellar is celebrating 777 years of tradition and high quality of its wines which have even won the Gran Menzione at Vinitaly Verona for Traminac ice wine 2007 and the prestigious silver medal at Chardonnay du monde in 2006.

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