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Along the coast, accommodation is priced according to four seasons, which vary from place to place. November to March are the cheapest months. There may only be one or two hotels open in a coastal resort but you'll get great rates - often no more than 350KN for a double in a good three-star hotel and 250KN in a lesser establishment. Generally April, May and October are the next cheapest months, June and September are the shoulder season, but in July and August count on paying top price, especially in the peak period that starts in mid-July and lasts until mid or late August. Prices quoted in this book are for the peak period and do not include 'residence tax', which varies from 2KN to 7KN per person per day, depending on the season and the classification of the town. Deduct about 20% if you come in the shoulder season - June, the beginning of July, and September. Deduct about 30% for May and October and about 40% for all other times. Prices for accommodation in Zagreb are constant all year.

Accommodation is generally cheaper in Dalmatia than in Kvarner or Istria, but in July and August you should make arrangements in advance wherever you go.

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