Dream beach

If you would like to experience an air of piracy, beautiful sandy beaches bathed in sunlight, surrounded by shady plants enticing you to totally relax then you need to know that the greatest number of sandy beaches, 22 in total, are available to all visitors of this northern island with a mild climate, rich history and interesting infrastructure; Rab and its small town of Lopar.

Beside three nudist beaches (Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac) the most famous is the "Paradise beach". If you are staying in the city of Rab itself, it may be useful to know that Lopar and its beaches are located on the other side of the island so you can better plan your journey. Although the beach is truly interesting and nature itself offers sand, warm sea-water, carefree splashing around in the sandy shallows, the tourist branch, not hindered by nature but rather their own capabilities does not offer anything except a spacious camp. If you get hungry or simply want some shade on a terrace in close vicinity to the beach, you may be pleasantly surprised by some excellent food like kebabs and chips.

Aside from splashing around in the sea, there is also beach volleyball. However we have to admit that this beach, given its lack of hotels, restaurants, daily activities, offers little more than an excursion destination for those desiring sand; if you have children they will be more than happy to spend their holidays right here having carefree fun.

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