A rich heritage of books, a depiction of traditional life on the Island of Krk, a Franciscan monastery and natural beauty.
In the immediate vicinity of the largest marina on the Adriatic, less than a metre from Punta, on the Island of Krk, lies the history rich island of Kosljun. It is approximately 300 meters in diameter. You will discover the charm of this island if you take a short stroll along its small paths filled with the scents of old and rare parchments, kept within the old walls of the Franciscan monastery.

The foundation of the present day monastery originated in the Roman era, however its development was prompted by the Franciscans with the help of the eminent family of the Dukes Frankopan in the 16th century. The monastery's library numbers more than 30,000 written rarities, while the Sacral museum, inside the Church of St. Bernadine houses the roll parchment of a Biblical text in Hebrew from the 11th century.

Kosljun is an island without restaurants, which would otherwise undoubtedly reduce its charm, presenting an image of life on the Island of Krk through the exhibit of the ethnographic museum and its own history, an island leading you to some other, mysterious era of the Mediterranean.

Coordinates: N 45° 01’ 34", E 14° 37’ 10"

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