The Dalmatian village Pirovac is greatly improving from year to year. Place recommend for families with children due to it excellent beaches. If you had asked us about Pirovac few years ago, we would have said that it was the least developed tourist village in the Sibenik region. However, it is unbelievable how much Pirovac has changed - so much so that today we could pronounce Pirovac as one of the top 10 best summer destinations for families with children on the Adriatic.

First and foremost there is the Lolic beach - long, shallow, with warm sea water and a dense pine forest just made for children. It's just a shame that there are not more facilities on the beach. A lounge bar, pizzeria and restaurant here would be more than welcome. The added potential of this locality is also witnessed today by old Pirovac into which tourists hardly even enter.

Here today Dalmatia lives its old way of life - a cat here and there on a terrace, from the kitchens the aromas of the cooking of housewives. The nearby club Porat, presently considered one of the best clubs on the Adriatic Coast with DJs from all over the world, has also done a lot for Pirovac. Aside from partying long into the night, throughout the day in this magical place, a few meters from the beach, workshops for children are organized and an art gallery in the dense Mediterranean forest.

Coordinates: N 43° 49’ 01", E 15° 40’ 04"

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