Tucepi is situated under the clear sky dome which both, the mountains and the sea try to reach it. That is why the ancient secrets of the Adriatic sea are still present on the picturesque stage of Tucepi. You can't make a single step anywhere in this area without finding its legends and old fairy tales about the beginnings; whether the stone giant of Biokovo reveals you its step and craggy peaks, or the undines of springs murmur their songs in dozens of stream flowing, like tears, down the stone mountain; whether catch the glimpse of the legend Croatian princess, walking out of the shade of an old, strange looking tree or a thick pine grove. And above all this, golden, gentle sun casting its light and brightest colours upon the village Tucepi.

The place has been inhabited since ancient times. It lies on Makarska Riviera, 4 km southeast of Makarska, on the slopes of Biokovo Mountain, which makes this destination even more attractive.

Coordinates: N 43° 15’ 51", E 17° 03’ 38"

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