Like a sea-shell, full of the sounds of life, Dubrovnik Croatia lies on the shores of the Adriatic, in Croatia. Everything there is leads you to it, will one day bring you to it, make a different decision, and you will be the poorer for not having the wealth that is Dubrovnik. Without it, you will not be able to complete your mosaic of the worlds beauty. Even from the cabin of a space-ship Dubrovnik will draw the gaze with the stone bolero of its walls. It is a ship that stands as it voyages, sails as it stands, a dictionary of a city of all the crucial concepts, an interpreter of a city, that interpreting itself also reveals the mystery of your existence.

Dubrovnik culture, literature, painting, architecture, music, philosophy, science and diplomacy are an integral part of the cultural heritage of Europe and the world. Dubrovnik is a cultural monument under UNESCOs special protection.

You will find it wonerful, most beautiful, incomparable not to be compared with anything. Dubrovnik will greet you with the mood that you bring with you. It is the same, yet different, in any season - in the spring when almond and cherry trees blossom, in the autumn when ripe grapes are gathered and new wine is made, in the winter when rains fall, intimate and made for intimacy, and in the summer...ah the summer...!

Coordinates: N 42° 38’ 59", E 18° 05’ 10"

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