Regions of Croatia

The Regions of Croatia are a group of historical, often overlapping regions: Baranja, Dalmatia, Gorski kotar, Istria, Konavle, Lika, Moslavina, Podravina, Podunavlje, Posavina, Slavonia, Srijem, Zagorje.
Central Croatia is Croatian region located in the very heart of Croatia, covering areas of Gorski Kotar, Lika and Hrvatsko Zagorje. All these areas are continental, hilly and mountainous areas, and differ very much from Slavonia or Coastal Croatian Areas in terms of landscape as well as climate. These areas of Croatia are popular destinations for visitors that are not very keen on beaches, but prefer breathtaking mountain views, walks and hikes, skiing in the winter as well as visiting numerous Baroque towns and palaces. Waiting to be discovered is enchanting Hrvatsko Zagorje, the north- western region of Croatia dotted by small wooded hills with churches, romantic castles and tidy vineyards. Tthis region has one of the highest concentration of castles in Europe. Sparsely populated and beautifully preserved the Croatian inland offers peace, unmatched scenery, tasty, local specialities and great wines of the region.

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