The Island of Korcula is one of the islands in Central Dalmatia, the southern region of Croatia located along Adriatic Coast. It runs parallel with Croatian mainland as some kind of continuation of Peljesac Peninsula, located between islands of Hvar and Mljet. Korcula Island is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic sea. It is also one of the most popular travel destinations in this part of Croatia. The vicinity of Dubrovnik as well as Mljet gives visitors to Korcula unique opportunity to spend time at this unspoiled Island as well as to visit effortlessly Mljet, national park, Dubrovnik, UNESCO's city or Mostar and Neretva River. Korcula is also located somewhere in the middle between cities of Split and Dubrovnik, therefore it's western tip is closer to Split, and it's eastern tip is much closer to Dubrovnik.

Korcula is connected by ferry to the more popular towns of Split and Dubrovnik . Ferries would drop you off in Korcula Old Town. Buses bump along the spine of the island eastbound to Korcula Town, dipping past black cypress trees and terraced olive groves, with some hairpin turns along the way. Island of Korcula has a very long and dramatic shoreline, as well as tree groups of islands in the near vicinity of the Island : Skoji, with it's Badija and Vrnik , Karbuni and Proizd and Osjak near Vela Luka. Korcula also has numerous larger and smaller bays, some inhabited, some yet to be discovered.

Island of Korcula shares it's climate as well as a weather with the rest of Croatian coast, although the weather tend to get warmer if you go further south along the coast, therefore, as Korcula is on the southern part of Croatian coast, it has a very mild Mediterranean climate, similar to Greece and southern Italy. It's characteristics are long and hot summers, usually dry with not a lot of rainfall, and mild winters that can sometimes feel cold, due to north wind Bura and it's wind factor.

Coordinates: N 42° 56’ 17", E 17° 07’ 51"

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