The most popular Croatian political magazine Globus pronounced Pula as the best town to live in in Croatia. Our colleagues made this choice on the basis of criteria like quality of climate, real estate prices, infrastructure, natural surroundings, etc. And truly Pula is perfectly situated on the Istrian peninsula.

Today this town is not the official political centre of Istria, but in the social sense it is. Here you will find the biggest shopping centres in Istria, here are the main healthcare centres. In short the centre of life on the Istrian peninsula is situated here.

Pula's story began three thousand years ago; even before the old Romans arrived here, II-lyrian tribes inhabited the area. At the time of ancient Rome Pula blossomed and even then had 20,000 inhabitants and everything a contemporary ancient town had to have: sewerage, theatre, quality roads, square, arena, temples. Many of these ancient monuments have remained preserved in a relatively good state to the present day. That which delights us about Pula today is the fact that this town well suited to everyday man. It's neither too big nor too small. It has all the characteristics of an urban centre, yet is small enough that you can reach its beautiful beaches in fifteen minutes by car from the centre. Even the only National Nature Park in Istria - Brijuni is located barely a few kilometres from Pula.

What to recommend to you in Pula?

First and foremost a stroll through the centre. If possible start at the arena, Pula's trademark! Although it is possible to see the arena every day, you will see it come alive if you come to one of the concerts held here. From the arena you can walk to the portal of the Sergi family which is a short ten minute walk away.
From here to the Forum the centre of old Pula, leads the main shopping street. At the Forum we recommend you visit Augustus' Temple and then sit and rest in our favourite coffee house in Pula - Cafe Galerija and excellent combination of an art gallery and cafe. There is a special atmosphere here. For those wanting to do more walking we recommend a trip to the fort Monvidal from which you can see all of Pula and surrounding area. Finally, the reason we are always more than happy to come back to Pula - the excellent restaurants. In our opinion, Pula, after Zagreb and Samobor, is the town with the greatest selection of great restaurants in Croatia. First and foremost there is the expensive "Valsabbion", according to many the most expensive and best restaurant in Croatia. For those who love fish we recommend "Vela Nera", for fans of traditional Istrian cuisine "Pol Nonicu". One thing is for sure, Pula provides much for your taste buds, eyes and soul.

Coordinates: N 44° 52’ 12", E 13° 50’ 43"

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