Croatia is located in South-Central Europe. It is shape resembles that of a crescent or a horseshoe, which flanks it is neighbours Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Croatia is half the size of present day Yugoslavia in area (56,538 sq km) and population. The topography of the country is divided into the lowland basin between the Sava and Drava Rivers which expands to mountains and hills in the north, the mountainous karst region of the Dinaric Range and the littoral which runs from Istria south through Dalmatia along the Adriatic coast.

The narrow Croatian coastal belt at the foot of the Dinaric Range is only about 600km long as the crow flies, but it's so indented
that the actual length is 1778km. If the 4012km of coastline around the offshore islands is added to the total, the length he comes 5790km.

Croatia's offshore islands are every bit as beautiful as those in Greece. There are 1185 islands and islets along the tectonically submerged Adriatic coastline, 66 of them inhabited. The largest are: Cres, Krk, Losinjj Pag and Rab in the north, Dugi Otok in the middle and Brac, Hvar, Korfula, Mljet and Vis in the south. Most are elongated from, north west to south east and run parallel to the coastal mountains.

The most outstanding geological feature of Croatia is the prevalence of the highly porous limestone and Dolomitic rock called karst. Stretching from Istria to Montenegro and covering large parts of the interior, karsl is formed by the absorption of water into the surface limestone. The jagged, sparsely vegetated land scape is dramatic, but deforestation, erosion makes the land unsuitable fol agriculture. When the limestone collapses, kind of basin is formed known as polje which is then cultivated despite the fact tha this kind of field drains poorly and can easilj turn into a temporary lake.

Croatia is divided into 21 zone and the capital Zagreb's city district:
1 Zagreb
2 Krapina-Zagorje
3 Sisak-Moslavina
4 Karlovac
5 Varazdin
6 Koprivnica-Krizevci
7 Bjelovar-Bilogora
8 Primorje-Gorski Kotar
9 Lika-Senj
10 Virovitica-Podravina
11 Pozega-Slavonia
12 Brod-Posavina
13 Zadar
14 Osijek-Baranja
15 Sibenik-Knin
16 Vukovar-Srijem
17 Split-Dalmatia
18 Istria
19 Dubrovnik-Neretva
20 Medimurje
21 City of Zagreb

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