NC Ulika Camp

Big Naturist Center Ulika is situated on a peninsula, 8 km north of Porec City. Surrounded by luxurious Mediterranean vegetation, crystalline blue sea and centenary oak trees, the NC Ulika is a prime destination for all free body pilgrims to spend idyllic and undisturbed holidays.

In its bigger part, the camp consist of 80 - 160 m sq. parcels, all of them equipped with electric power connection and a near-by drinking water source.

All camp facilities are most up-to-date outfitted and serving the only purpose of providing pleasant relaxation. There is also possibility to hire caravans and air-conditioned mobile homes with all necessary facilities. Those of our guests having their pets with them can dispose of a separate, adequately arranged zone.

The camp has stone and gravel beach with paved sunbathe places. From 2000, on the camping beach waves the "Blue Flag", international recognition for the environmental protection. Sportsmen and all sport-loving people will find here a great number of sport and recreation facilities.

"Plava laguna" - well known tourist company and all its infrastructure forming a part of this circle of natural and historical marvels, is a place of pure harmony quite close to any European country. This is the scenery where we, from Plava laguna, are doing our best to make the visitors from all over the world feeling confortably at home. Our camps "Zelena laguna" and "Bijela uvala", and "Naturist Center Ulika" are all on the Adriatic coast line, in the landscape of warm and clear blue sea, and the most attractive part of woody coves and small bays, where green hills shelter tidy ports. Island studded coast makes Istria a prime destination for tourists. Plava laguna is continuously engaged in the environmental protection, making every possible efforts to make their camp grounds even better places - eco friendly oasis of green. In addition to standard camp-servicing facilities, there are new modern swimming pools, new sanitary installations, a new self-service store, new boat-docks. There are some new things in our sport offer, too. Our beaches and solaria are now much better arranged. These are some of additional reasons why the Plava laguna camping-sites, offering not only the warm sun and clear blue sea, peace of centenarian pine-trees, tradition and culture, but also various possibilities for sport activities and entertainment, are the right place where you and your family can spend lovely holidays.

Coordinates: N 45° 14’ 08", E 13° 35’ 48"

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