Polari FKK Camp

The camp is located in the picturesque bay with two kilometres of long and indented coast. During the broiling summer heat its guests can enjoy the shade of evergreen trees, or swimming in the clearest and immense blue sea of the Mediterranean. Well organized with good standard of comfort and services, it offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, tailor-made for every lover of camping tourism. Here you can enjoy the gifts of the abundant nature every day. In this sunbathted green, surrounded by the endless deep blue of the sea, a traveller coming from afar needs only his loved ones to share this beauty with them.

The camp is located in a picturesque cove - 2 km of jagged coastline, crystal-blue sea. A part of the camp (Punta Eva) is reserved for the naturists.

Adresse: Polari b.b., HR - 52210 Rovinj
Telefon: +385 52 801 501
Fax: +385 52 811 395
e-mail: polari@maistra.hr

Coordinates: N 45° 14’ 09", E 13° 35’ 47"

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