Naturist Camp Bunculuka

The naturist camp Bunculuka is located in the beautiful gulf between two hills, which are characterized by the uncontaminated nature. The terraced plots are the peculiarity of the camp and they are surrounded by pine woods, acacias and Spanish brooms.

The camp is near Baska and can accommodate 1200 guests. The camp is divided in 400 camp unites of which 200 are plots and 200 are camp spaces.
Part of the camp there are playgrounds for children, courts, volley fields, mini golf-links, and ping-pong. Guests have on their disposal 3 sanitary fixtures, a store, a restaurant, kiosks of fast food, fruits and vegetables and a news-stand. The renewed reception and the kind stuff offer the services of the depot, Internet cafe, telephone, and other touristic informations.

Besides the uncontaminated nature in the offer of the camp there's a restaurant with a terrace on the beach where every day guests can try traditional food of the Mediterranean cuisine.

E. Geistlicha 34
Krk Island
tel ++385 51 856806
fax ++385 51 856595

Coordinates: N 45° 00’ 33", E 14° 37’ 25"

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