Nearly 100 camping grounds are scattered along the Croatian coast. Most operate from mid May to September only, although a few are open in April and October. In May and late September, call ahead to make sure that the camping ground is open before beginning the long trek out. Don't go by the opening and closing dates you read in travel brochures or this book, as these can change. Even local tourist offices can be wrong.

Most camping grounds charge from 20K.N to 50KN per person per night. The tent charge is sometimes included; sometimes it's an extra 10K.N to 15KN. The auto charge is sometimes included, it may be an extra 10KN to 50KN. If you come in a caravan you'll pay about 30% more than if you come by vehicle, then there's an electricity charge that may be included or may cost an extra 15KN per night.

The residence tax costs about an extra 7KN per person per night depending on the season and the region. Prices in this book are for July and August and drop by up to 40% in low season.

Although small, family-owned camping grounds are starting to pop up, most grounds are gigantic 'autocamps' with restaurants, shops and row upon row of caravans. If you want a more intimate environment, the town tourist office should be able to refer you to smaller camping grounds, but you may have to insist upon it. Nudist camping grounds (marked FKK) are among the best because their secluded locations ensure peace and quiet. 'Freelance' camping is officially prohibited.

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