Veli Joze Camp

Camp Veli Jože is a camp for children and young people, located on the westernmost part of the Istrian peninsula, not far from Savudrija - the oldest harbor on the Adriatic. In the vicinity is the first Adriatic lighthouse, built in 1817, measuring 36 meters in height, whose light is visible from a distance of 17 nautical miles (32 km).

The camp has an area of 330,000 m 2 of Mediterranean park with trees, grassy terrain and coastline.

At one time, the area of the camp and Savudrija were occupied by the Roman settlement of Salvore, which means "health." The exceptional climatic conditions were the inspiration for the former name of the settlement as well the selection of this locality as a camp for children and young people.

HR-52475 Savudrija, p.p. 29
tel.: +385 (0)52 759 646
fax: +385 (0)52 759 646

Biuro: VLADIMIR NAZOR d.o.o.
10000 Zagreb, Maksimirska 51
tel.:+385 (0)1 2313 000
fax: +385 (0)1 2303 679

Coordinates: N 45° 30’ 02", E 13° 30’ 19"

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