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The spectacular beauty of Croatia's 1778km coastline and 1185 islands is undoubtedly the country's greatest natural asset. The 140 islands of the Kornati archipelago are a sailor's paradise, the Brijuni Islands were Tito's paradise and lush islands such as Korcula, Hvar and Rab could easily become anyone's paradise.

For hiking, rock climbing and swimming, the best itinerary would include at least a two-week stay in and around Paklenica National Park. The best time to visit is late spring or early autumn when the mountains are cool enough for hiking and the water is still warm enough for swimming.

The Velebit Range includes the distinctive karst formations of Paklenica National Park, with its great opportunities for hiking and rock climbing. Plitvice Lakes National Park has been named a World Heritage Site for its 16 lakes linked by crashing, tumbling, trickling waterfalls.

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