Magic of the sun in Zadar

Magic of the sun in Zadar

Zadar delights us with it new top class attractions, has succeeded in establishing itself as the "capital city" of northern Dalmatia. If you are vacationing somewhere between Karlobag and Split, be sure to find one day to see this beautiful town - one of the most interesting on the Adriatic.

The question is where to start? Start in the evening, somewhere about five or six when the sun is not so strong. We suggest you start from "Fosa" the old town gates whose history dates back to the times when the Romans ruled here. Continue along the main "wide street" of the old town which has changed its name many times in the last few centuries: Via Magna, Strada Grande, Ruga Magistra, while today it is known as the "Kalelarga". The Kalelarga will lead you to one of the most beautiful squares of old Zadar - the square Petar Zoranic which many consider the heart of Zadar. In the immediate vicinity is the Church of St. Mary, Church of St. Simon and emperor's palace. If you would like to rest a little we recommend the cafe "Central".

Outside of Croatia very few know that this part of Zadar around the Kalelarga was almost 80% destroyed during by plane bombing. One of the most significant monuments of Zadar which survived the attacks was the Church St. Donat. For a long time it was the symbol of Zadar and an excellent example of preromanesque building skill in Croatia. Before you head off to the main attraction of the town of Zadar which is best seen at dusk, take the opportunity to see some of the numerous Zadar museums. We recommend the museum of antiquity glass in the palace Cosmacendi and the archaeological museum which some believe has the best quality exhibition in Croatia. When the sun starts to set, its time to head towards the other end of the Kalelarga and arrive at the Zadar waterfront -very near the Church of St. Donat. Here the sunset is simply spectacular.

Even the famous author Alfred Hitchcock once said that the sunset here is the most beautiful in the world. Take your time here. Wait for the sunset and enjoy a stroll by the sea while the sun slowly sets under the horizon. At the very end of the waterfront are the sea organs. A unique architectural, musical monument in the world. While the sea plays its own music here, enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world. When the sun sets, the fairytale is not over. Right next to the sea organ is the latest Zadar sensation - "Greeting to the sun". These are solar panels which during the day soak in the sun's energy and then at night emit an unbelievable play of light and colour. After this tour there is nothing left for you to do except agree that this is one of the rare towns on the Adriatic that successfully combines modern architecture, its innovations and the spirit of the old Mediterranean with the most beautiful sunset with the sound of the organs.

source: Traveller Summer 09, 2009-08-20

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